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First Capital Credit Analysis Report

For over 06 years, First Capital Research have been serving clients across various industries with the best-in-class fixed income and equity research, souring actionable insights for better decision making.

The First Capital Credit Analysis Report features the ranking of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) based on an in-house built credit score system followed by continuous monitoring and WhatsApp alerts/notifications.

The subscription includes,

  • 4 Quarterly volumes of the First Capital Credit Analysis Report
  • Detailed latest ranking based on credit scores and multiple other criteria
  • WhatsApp alerts/notification on important news on NBFIs
  • Highlights of major changes to NBFI credit scores and reasoning

The key features include,

  • Identification of Licensed Finance Companies in need of raising capital.
  • Identification of best performing Licensed Finance Companies.
  • Ranking of Listed Licensed Finance Companies based on credit rating, assets, parent strength, listing requirement and performance ratios.
  • Calculated set of Ratios for Licensed Finance Companies

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How First Capital ensured a fast turnaround amidst COVID-19

The Company is seeing an encouraging turnaround, largely driven by a relentless commitment to its clients and consistently delivering market-beating returns

Mahesh Amarasinghe – Assistant General Manager – Debt Structuring & Placement. 

First Capital Holdings with over 35 years of expertise operating in the capital market of Sri Lanka has investment solutions for everyone; from retail mutual funds for ordinary folk to structured corporate, sovereign debt instruments and equity trading for sophisticated investors with larger appetites. The prolonged lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the economy to a standstill and eroded investor sentiment to new lows. First Capital, however, is already seeing an encouraging turnaround, largely due to two reasons: a relentless commitment to its clients and sharp investment decisions that consistently yield market-beating returns.

A senior executive at First Capital Mahesh Amarasinghe – Assistant General Manager – Debt Structuring & Placement, managing a portfolio that serves the interest of both the investors and the issuing corporates, discuss the efforts that lead to success. For instance, by deploying technology, processes were quickly in place to ensure staff across the group were fully operational during the lockdown executing complex transactions and providing corporate clients finance advisory services to tide the cashflow crunch. A new online platform was introduced which helped clients monitor their portfolios and carry out transactions. 

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