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First Capital offers equity stockbrokering services in Sri Lanka, acting as a conduit between retail and institutional clients and the secondary market of the Colombo Stock Exchange. Our investment advisors strive to facilitate timely and efficient execution, backed by sophisticated trading tools. We rely on our research team’s invaluable input and our transactional expertise to offer advice on trading strategies. We advise and execute strategic trading for high-networth and institutional investors providing single, block and negotiated trades.


  1. Download the CSE Mobile App here>>
  2. Follow the Instructions

If you wish to open your investment account digitally, please log in to the CSE Mobile App and provide your information and the following documentary images

  • Still image of you (please read following guidelines)

Recently taken full-face & shoulder shot squarely facing photo (ideally a Selfi taken from your mobile device). The photo should not be altered and ideally should not contain objects and people on the background. Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear other glasses, but your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflection.

  • Images (photos) of your National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Image (photo) of address verification document (if your permanent address is different from the address mentioned on your NIC. You can send a utility bill within 90 days from your application date).
  • If you are not physically present in Sri Lanka, please send images (photos) of your passport, current VISA with the entry stamp to the country.
  • Image (photo) of your Bank Account book or statement (Bank name, Branch name, and the Account number should be visible)

Feel free to contact our hotline 011-2639888 if you require any clarification.


CDS Form 1          Application for opening of Securities Accounts for Individuals

CDS Form 1 (A1)  Know Your Customer (KYC) Profile – Individuals

CDS Form 1 (A2)  Declaration form to be submitted for individuals

CDS Form 1 (B)   Instructions to fill the Account Opening Application Form (Sinhala & Tamil   Translations)

CDS Form 1 (C)   Declaration form to be submitted for non-resident Sri Lankan Individuals

Form 2             Client Agreement

Form 3             Credit Extension Agreement

Form 4 (A)       Online Agreement – Individual

Form 4 (B)       Online Application – Individual

Form 5             Sales Proceed Hold Letter

Form 6             Consent Letter for monthly Statement/ Contract Note email

Form 7             FATCA – Dual Citizen Client Information Form

Form 8             Specimen Signature Card



CDS Form 2        Application for Opening of Securities Accounts for Companies

CDS Form 2 (A)  Know Your Customer (KYC) Profile – Companies

CDS Form 2 (B)  Declaration form to be submitted for Companies

Form 2                 Client Agreement

Form 3                 Credit Extension Agreement

Form 4 (A)           Online Agreement – Individual

Form 4 (B)           Online Application – Individual

Form 5                  Sales Proceed Hold Letter

Form 6                  Consent Letter for monthly Statement/ Contract Note email

Form 7                  FATCA – Dual Citizen Client Information Form

Form 8                  Specimen Signature Card

Form 9                  KYC – Director, Partners, Authorized Signatory for Corporate



Guideline for Local Corporate

Guideline for Foreign Corporate



Online Agreement – Individual (A)

Online Application – Individual (B)

Online Agreement – Corporate 2(A)

Online Application – Corporate 2(B)



CDS Form 3         Sold Transfer – Nationals – Used to deposit certificates/scripts in CDS Accounts

CDS Form 4         Sold Transfer – Non-Nationals – Used to deposit certificates/scripts in CDS Accounts

CDS Form 6         Request for Inter/Intra Account transfer of Securities

CDS Form 28       Request for Inter/Intra Account transfer of Securities

CDS Form 27(B) De-Activation form for the SMS Alert Service