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Despite constitutional standoff, policy to remain unchanged

Stock Brokers in Sri Lanka

Daily FT 13.11.2018

Expected monetary policy stance

First Capital Research expects the Monetary Board to hold rates, as a rate cut would aggravate the foreign outflows increasing the pressure on the rupee while a hike would hinder the growth. However, we recognise a 35% probability of a 25bps rate hike considering the USD:LKR depreciation, lower foreign reserve position and higher foreign debt repayments in January – April 2019. We believe the political situation has hampered the ability to raise foreign debt over the next 6 months, thus affecting reserves.

We expect the CBSL to keep Statutory Reserve Ratio (SRR) unchanged at 7.50%.

First Capital Research is of the view that a continuation of policy rates is appropriate. However, we recognise an increased probability of 35% for a rate hike, amidst increased risk profile owing to prevailing political uncertainty and continued foreign outflows in spite of considerably low GDP growth and sluggish credit growth.

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