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First Capital Treasuries PLC’s IPO

First Capital Treasuries PLC (FCT) is looking to list its shares on the Colombo Stock Exchange’s Diri Savi Board through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

7,695,000 ordinary voting shares are being offered to the public at LKR. 39 per share.

These shares will be offered by FCT’s parent, First Capital Limited, by divesting 5% of its equity interest through an Offer for Sale.

While no capital will be raised into FCT, the IPO is part of the Company’s strategic efforts to broaden its ownership base, bring in more liquidity, and strengthen its brand identity.

First Capital Treasuries PLC invites the public to subscribe to the IPO and become part of its growth story.

Issue opens on 06th December 2021 (Applications Open Now)


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