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16-09-2021: Treasury Bills: 3 Months> Buying: 6.05%, Selling: 5.95 | 6 Months> Buying: 6.15%, Selling: 6.05% | 12 Months> Buying: 6.30%, Selling: 6.10%

Fixed Income Investment Products

What does First Capital have on offer?

Our dealing desk can provide information on quotations, prices, credit ratings, and other data for a wide inventory of investment products which includes the following fixed income securities:

Our team can help you to:

  • Buy new-issue and secondary-market Government Securities and corporate bonds
  • Place Government auction and secondary-market securities orders
  • Obtain Research and Information on our investment products and offerings
  • Buy other new –issue and secondary market investment products such as securitizations
  • Trade Government Securities and Corporate Bonds in the secondary market



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