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22-10-2021: Treasury Bills: 3 Months> Buying: 8.50%, Selling: 8.20% | 6 Months> Buying: 9.00%, Selling: 8.50% | 12 Months> Buying: 9.20%, Selling: 8.80%

Government Securities

As the market leader amongst non-bank affiliated primary dealers, we have a strong presence in the local Government Securities arena. We participate in Government debt auctions and make markets in Treasury Bills and Bonds. Our product offering includes distribution of and leveraging in Government Securities, in addition to tailored solutions such as allowable derivatives*. We ensure our clients receive timely and accurate electronic trade execution on the primary and secondary market. Investment decision making is fortified by economic and market insight provided by First Capital Research.

Our solutions:

  • Outright purchase/sale of Treasury Bills and Bonds
  • Repurchase Agreements (Repos) and Reverse Repurchase Agreements (Reverse Repos) against Government Securities
  • Structuring/Placing or underwriting allowable derivatives in the form of Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements for hedging purposes where the underlying collateral is Government Securities
  • Technical Analysis

*Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements

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Instructions for Digital Account Opening

If you wish to open your investment account digitally, please complete the Account Opening Form and send it along with the following images to

  • Still image of you (please read following guidelines)

Recently taken full-face & shoulder shot squarely facing photo (ideally a Selfi taken from your mobile device). The photo should not be altered and ideally should not contain objects and people in the background. Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear other glasses, but your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflection.

  • Images (photos) of your National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Image (photo) of address verification document (if your permanent address is different from the address mentioned on your NIC. You can send a utility bill within 90 days from your application date.
  • If you are not physically present in Sri Lanka, please send images (photos) of your passport, current VISA with the entry stamp to the country.
  • Image (photo) of your Bank Account book or statement (Bank name, Branch name, and the Account number should be visible)



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