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Watawala Plantations – Initiating Coverage – STRONG BUY


Watawala Plantations PLC (WATA) is primarily engaged in tea and palm oil cultivation.   We initiate coverage on WATA at a time where the company has made a strategic move to dairy farming while adapting a “quality driven” strategy for tea having discontinued rubber.

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On the back of rising prices and yields in the palm oil segment which is the major enzyme of its profitability, WATA is expected to grow its earnings at a CAGR of 31% during FY16-19E, despite the headwinds from wage hike.  FC Research estimates a fair value of LKR 30.0 giving a total annualized return of 53% in FY18E. STRONG BUY

 Oil palms shelter the bottom line: With the rising global palm oil prices and increasing yields at WATA’s palm oil nurseries, we expect palm oils to contribute significantly to the bottom-line.  This we believe will completely offset the impact of recent wage hike which is estimated to be ~LKR 230Mn.
Palm oil prices are expected to increase in close correlations to the rising crude oil prices. WATA is the largest palm oil planter in the sector with 3,157 hectares of palm oil of which 76% is mature where the yields are peaking.  As ~756 hectares foster young plants with expectations to add ~200 more, we expect the yields to increase going forward.  Palm oils generated ~55% of gross margins in FY16 which could be seen improving to ~70% in 1HFY17.

 Strategic focus nurtures future profitability: The Company adapted a “quality driven” strategy for tea, where they will produce less quantities for a superior standard.  Moving away from quantities brings down the losses incurred in the tea segment, which is struggling with ever rising wage and utility costs that makes it difficult to sustain margins in a price-sensitive global market. Similarly WATA completely stopped its Rubber processing,
putting a full stop to losses from the segment while converting them to palm oil.  Further, they made an important strategic move to Dairy Farming which is expected to have a sizeable under-tapped demand.

 WATA to provide a return of 53% by FY18E: FC Research estimates WATA’s fair value at LKR 30.0 (DCF based LKR 30.0, PER based LKR 29.0) providing an annualized return of 53% in FY18E.

 Investment risks: Extreme weather conditions, changing political and social landscape, pressure on costs from continuous wage demands and rising utility costs and difficulty of sourcing land for palm oil cultivations limiting further expansion are some of the risks WATA faces.

TOKYO CEMENT COMPANY – Earnings Update “Defining the Indistinctive Leadership” – STRONG BUY


Earnings Performance –

Earnings up by 118% YoY: TKYO’s earnings for the 2QFY17 was recorded at LKR 1.1Bn oppose to LKR 490Mn recorded in comparative quarter in FY16 registering a 118%YoY. On a QoQ basis the earnings saw a 66% growth compared to LKR 644Mn recorded in 1QFY17. During the 1HFY17, TKYO generated an earnings of LKR 1.7Bn as opposed to LKR 956Mn recorded in 1HFY16 registering an impressive YoY growth of 79%.

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Revenue generation grows by 24%YoY: Resultant to the boom in the construction sector coupled with the company’s investment into capacity enhancement to reach total plant capacity to 2.8Mn MT that’s coming into effect towards the latter part of the year 2016, topline was recorded at LKR 9.8Bn during the 2QFY17 with a 24%YoY growth in comparison to LKR 8Bn recorded in 2QFY16 while on a QoQ basis the same was recorded a growth of 30% as opposed to LKR 7.6Bn recorded in 1QFY17. During the 1HFY17 the topline was recorded at LKR 17.4Bn with a YoY growth of LKR 14.9Bn during 1HFY16. LKR 60.0 increase in Maximum Retail Price (MRP) to LKR 930.0 per 50kg of cement bag towards the latter part of the 1H2016 also impacted favourably on the revenue.

Future Outlook

Boom in construction sector led by Government led Infrastructure projects: With the recommencement of the construction of the Government led Infrastructure projects coupled with the Port City project and the initiation of the Western Region Megapolis development project undertaken by the government are likely to lead to a boom in the overall construction sector which is expected to boost the volumes of TKYO which in turn would increase the topline. TKYO revenue is expected to reach c.LKR 34.8Bn in FY17E registering a 15%YoY growth while the same for FY18E expected to reach c.LKR 40.8Bn.

Capital investments to increase volume and improve margins: Investment of USD 50Mn in construction of a new cement manufacturing plant in Trincomalee is expected to add 1.0Mn metric ton enhancing the overall capacity to 2.8Mn metric ton per annum. This would enable TKYO to increase volume thus benefit from the boom created in the industry. Further, newly built 8MW biomass plant would enable to meet the energy requirement of the increase capacity. These investments are expected to increase cost efficiencies and improve the GP margin to c.24% and c.25% in FY17E and FY18E respectively. TKYO invested USD 2Mn investment in a Joint Venture to manufacture 300,000 MT of sand per annum locally which would bring down the cost further.


Total return of 32% for both TKYO.N and TKYO.X: FC recommends a STRONG BUY on TKYO.N with a fair value of LKR 86.0 [LKR 87.3 on DCF based and LKR 85.0 on PER based] providing a total return of 32% and STRONG BUY on TKYO.X with a fair value of LKR 69.0 providing a total return of 32% for FY18E. For FY17E we expect a fair value of LKR 78.0 on TKYO.N while LKR 62.0 for TKYO.X.