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Investment instructions with a click – introducing the First Capital Online Portal

We are enhancing our client service offering through the introduction of the First Capital Online Portal.

The portal gives our clients the flexibility and convenience of accessing account information and providing investment related instructions with a simple click.

Log on to https://online.firstcapital.lk/ and apply today!


First Capital Wealth Fund recognized as best performing Fixed Income Unit Trust for second year

First Capital Asset Management Limited, Managers of the First Capital Wealth Fund, announced a dividend of Rs. 140 per unit.
The First Capital Wealth Fund has been recognized as Sri Lanka’s best performing Fixed Income Unit Trust for 2014 and 2013, as per statistics issued by the Unit Trust Association.

With an annualized yield of 15.48 percent (as of 31st March 2015) the First Capital Wealth Fund, which invests in debt and government securities, declared dividend representing 95.9 percent of net profit after tax for 11 months ending 28 February 2015.

The First Capital Money Market Fund launched in September 2014 similarly displayed a remarkable performance with an annualized yield of 7.09 percent (as of 31st March 2015).

The fund declared a dividend of Rs. 18.50 per unit. The fund invests in short term fixed income instruments with a maturity for less than a year and paid a dividend representing 95.7 percent of net profit after tax for six months ended 28 February 2015.

“The successful growth of the unit trust funds under our management is attributed to a tripartite combination of prudent management, an astute assessment of market opportunities and leveraging on interest rate fluctuations,” said Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Holdings PLC.

“As a fully-fledged Investment Bank specializing in debt market services and leading non-bank primary dealer in Sri Lanka, we will continue to work closely with our stakeholders to maintain a conducive investment environment and provide competitive returns for our investors. With specialized knowledge and industry expertise garnered through our position and experience in the market, we are confident that the unit trusts managed by First Capital Asset Management Limited will continue to reap the rewards of timely, well-informed investments,” concluded Wirasekara.

First Capital Asset Management Limited is a Securities and Exchange Commission approved fund manager. The company specializes in managing investments for high net worth individuals, trusts and companies. The funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka and supported by the Trustee services of the Bank of Ceylon.

First Capital Treasuries announces Rs.500 mn Debenture Issue

First Capital Treasuries Limited, a Primary Dealer licensed and appointed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and a subsidiary of First Capital Holdings PLC, has announced that it intends to issue Subordinated, Unsecured, Redeemable Debentures with a principal value of Rs.500 million maturing in five years and bearing an interest rate of 9.5% per annum payable annually. The issue will open on January 27, 2015.
Debentures are priced at a face value of 100 each and will be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The debenture issue is rated BBB+ while the issuer, First Capital Treasuries Limited, is rated A- by Lanka Rating Agency. First Capital Limited, the Corporate Debt Structuring and placement arm of the group, will be managing the issue and Bank of Ceylon will act as Trustee to the issue.
Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Group, said the company plans to utilize the funds raised through the debenture issue to achieve long term funding base of the company by way of tier 2 capital and increase capital adequacy, which will allow the company to grow its core business and allow further leverage on government securities whilst being well above the regulatory directives by Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
First Capital Treasuries is licensed and appointed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to deal exclusively in Government Securities and currently stands at a commanding position as the leading non-bank Primary Dealer in the country.
The company was incorporated in August 1982 and is the primary dealer arm of First Capital Holdings PLC, an investment bank pioneer in debt and equity markets.
“We have done remarkably well during the current financial year and as the pioneer and leading non-bank Primary Dealer, we are extremely proud that we are the first Primary Dealer to offer a listed debenture to all our valued investors,”Wirasekara said.