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August 2020 – Platinum Bond – A medium to long-term Repurchasing (Repo) investment with a guaranteed return, backed by Government Securities.

  • Period 5 Years – Annual Interest 7%
  • Period 10 Years – Annual Interest 7.5%

Liquidity on your investment with 90% reverse-repo facility. Minimum investment Rs. 1,000,000.00

Conditions apply

In May of 2014 First  Capital Treasuries, was the first primary dealer to offer repo investment option beyond one year backed by Government securities with maturity beyond one year.

The First Capital Treasuries Platinum Bond will offer annual interest of 7%, and 7.5% respectively on maturities of five and ten years on a minimum investment of Rs. 1 million.

The investment is backed by Sri Lanka Government securities (Treasury bills/bonds), where the respective collateral will be logged in a Central Depositary System (CDS) account opened under the name of the investor.

Premature withdrawals and loan facilities are also available with this product in order to facilitate any urgent cash requirements of the investor, the company said.

For details : Tel No: +94 11 2 639 882, +94 11 2 639 898 | Email: anushi@firstcapital.lk | Web: www.firstcapital.lk


First Capital Treasuries PLC, is a primary dealer regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The Company is a subsidiary of First Capital Holdings PLC an investment bank with an impressive history of over 35 years, and is the only listed investment bank in Sri Lanka,