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Weekly Government Securities Market by First Capital

Weekly Yield
Movement and Volume

During the week, the secondary market yield curve remained broadly unchanged while overall market witnessed moderate volumes. Activities were mainly centred on 2022, 2023, 2024, 2027 and 2034 maturities. At the primary T-bond auction, 15.10.27 and 15.08.39 were accepted at weighted averages of 10.24% and 10.68%, respectively.
Ahead of the weekly T-bill auction, on Tuesday the benchmark 1-Yr T-bill traded at 8.35%, while at the primary T-bill auction held on 30 Oct, both 3M and 6M bills dipped by 1bps to 7.49% and 7.65% respectively  while  1  Yr  bill  increased  by  1bps  to 8.35%.
In   the   forex   market,   the   rupee   continued   to depreciate to close the week at Rs 181.44 from Rs 181.14 at beginning of the week.
Liquidity and CBSL Holdings
Volatility in the liquidity was witnessed although it remained positive during the week. The highest excess liquidity was recorded on 24 October amounting to Rs 23.7B, which narrowed down marginally to close the week at Rs 23.5B. Meanwhile, CBSL holdings declined during the week to close at Rs 86.1B.
Foreign Interest
Foreign holding in Government Securities increased by Rs 1.9B to record at Rs 110.8B while foreign holding percentage maintained at 2%.
Maturities for next week
The  government  security  market  has  to  settle  a Treasury  Bill  maturity  amounting  to  Rs 20.0B during the week ending 8 November 2019.