Corporate Debt

Our dealing securities desk will provide a wide range of investment products in corporate debt.

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Product card icon Debentures / Corporate Bonds

Debentures / Corporate Bonds

Debentures are medium or long term, interest-bearing bonds issued by private sector companies, banks, and other financial institutions... Read more

Product card icon Commercial Papers

Commercial Papers

Commercial papers are short-term, non-collateralized (unsecured) debt securities issued by private sector companies to raise funds for their own use... Read more

Product card icon Trust Certificates

Trust Certificates

An asset-backed security is a security whose income payments and hence value is derived from and collateralized by a specified pool of underlying assets. Read more

Product card icon Repo Investment

Repo Investment

This is an agreement between the First Capital and investor, where the First capital agrees to borrow funds against Corporate Debt Instruments... Read more

Product card icon Reverse Repo

Reverse Repo

This is an agreement between the investor and First Capital, where First capital agrees to lend funds to investor based on the repo investment in the First Capital. 

Repo Rates

Borrowing Rates for Repo and Commercial Papers
TenureRepo (Borrowing)Commercial Paper (Borrowing)
Below 1Mn1Mn 10MnAbove 10Mn
01 Week9.50%9.75%10.00%-
01 Month9.00%9.25%9.50%-
02 Month9.25%9.50%9.75%-
03 Month9.50%9.75%10.00%10.00%
06 Month9.75%10.00%10.25%10.25%
12 Month9.75%10.00%10.25%10.25%