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We offer customized debt financing solutions to growth oriented companies. Our creative corporate debt structures span the product spectrum from debentures to securitizations, featuring custom disclosure, credit enhancements, flexible payment structures and multiple maturities. As our distribution efforts are fully-integrated with an expansive investor base, we provide cost-efficient and diversified access to capital providers.

We also offer a total service for public offers of corporate debt, acting in the capacity of managers/ financial advisors and placement agents.

Our ability to deliver certainty of execution is well demonstrated through market leadership in FY2014/15 raising Rs.22Bn in the corporate debt sphere including Rs.10Bn in listed debentures.

Our industry leading transactions are reflective of the ingenuity in enabling the most opportune financing processes for our clients.


We provide equity financing solutions ensuring appropriate structures and pricing as well as distribution certainty. We act in multiple roles of financial advisor, manager and placement agent during the transaction. Our capabilities include due diligence, pre-offer preparation, offer management, distribution strategy and after-market advisory services. We undertake initial public offerings, secondary offerings such as rights issues, corporate actions including mandatory and voluntary offers, private placements and at-market placements of listed securities. Solutions span equity (ordinary and preference shares), quasi equity and equity linked products.