Unique Differentiators

At First Capital, we are driven to deliver performance above all else. Whether it is your financial portfolio or our high-calibre service, for us, it is always Performance First.

Performance First

Why First Capital?

We are Distinguished by Our Exemplary Work Ethic.

First Capital has been present in the local market for 40 years. Our name is synonymous with long term client relationships and enduring trust. We believe in growing on the foundation of our legacy whilst evolving to suit the dynamic needs of our clients. At First Capital our work ethic does not only signify productivity but also embodies the virtues of integrity, professionalism and adherence to the highest ethical standard. The trust placed in us and the resilience of our relationships thrive on this philosophy.

We are Committed to Our Client-Centric Business Model

Realising, optimising and driving value for both our corporate and individual clients through a multitude of services and products is our primary focus. In doing so, we continually align our interests with that of our clients so as to avoid the many conflicts of interest inherent to our line of business. We believe in building long-term relationships and have an all pervading interest to create, protect and grow the capital entrusted in us. Our independence and objectivity whilst providing tailored to fit solutions results in continued business referrals. The integrity of our multi- service business platform depends on such recognition and in turn provides our team the necessary impetus to focus on our clients.

We Possess Unique Market Insight and Execution Ability

We are distinguished by deep industry knowledge and senior relationships extending to several financial services. We transfer to our clients the expertise and insight gained through advising transactions and investments over three decades. Our ability to match the right parties to execute investment banking transactions as well as provide fitting investment opportunities to our clients, both institutional and individual, is exceptional.

Ours is a Highly Skilled and “Hands On” Senior Team.

Our senior professionals have significant transaction experience and current industry knowledge. When it comes to investment banking transactions, our senior resources will work closely with clients to leave no stone unturned. Further, in providing our clients exciting investment alternatives, they act as continuous innovators and trusted advisors.