First Capital Empowers Girls’ Education and Literacy in Sri Lanka with Room to Read Sponsorship

First Capital Holdings PLC, the pioneering investment institution in Sri Lanka, is pleased to collaborate with the non-profit organization “Room to Read” in support of their “Girls’ Education Program”. This initiative aims to provide educational opportunities for girls in secondary education.

As part of First Capital’s commitment to social empowerment and sustainable initiatives, the Company deeply acknowledges the indispensable role of education in propelling social progress and fostering an equitable society. Through this partnership, First Capital hopes to extend invaluable support to young girls who require educational assistance, specifically those confronting challenging circumstances such as chronic poverty, challenges resulting from the prevailing economic situation in the country and unstable home environments. The primary objectives of this collaboration are to support their educational initiatives and empower them to overcome obstacles by creating early opportunities that will yield a positive and enduring influence on their lives.

Room to Read is a global non-profit organization that is aimed at creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. Its Girls’ Education Program ensures that girls complete secondary education with life skills and financial literacy, enabling them to find their agency and potential in school and beyond. The program’s local mentors, called social mobilizers, act as role models, advisors and advocates for girls, support girls emotionally and guide them through both individual and group mentoring life skills and financial literacy sessions.

This sponsorship supports Room to Read Sri Lanka to promote quality education amongst young girls from under-resourced communities and help them learn important life skills, develop leadership skills, receive guidance to navigate every day problems, learn financial literacy and cultivate a greater sense of self-worth, among other empowering outcomes.

“We are truly delighted to have the opportunity to support such a profoundly worthy cause. This contribution serves as a resounding testament to our ongoing commitment to advancing education and empowering future generations. We firmly believe that investing in education is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic choice that yields transformative outcomes for communities and societies at large. Furthermore, this is an initiative that aligns perfectly with our sustainability policy, which guides our actions toward responsible and ethical practices.” Stated Dilshan Wirasekara, Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Holdings PLC.

First Capital envisions improving the lives of all Sri Lankans through financial solutions and continues to lead the way in multiple initiatives to promote social well-being & sustainability. The Company strives to exemplify its commitment to responsible business practices through these impactful endeavours, showcasing its dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive future.

With strong emphasis on upholding stability, fostering a competitive advantage, and providing an exceptional customer experience, First Capital focuses on staying true to its ‘Performance First’ ethos. First Capital stands strong with robust fundamentals, dedicated teams, and the support of the Janashakthi Group, allowing it to weather challenging market cycles. The organization is actively expanding its reach and significance by embracing an evolving digital platform, bolstering its digital capabilities, and integrating its operations. These efforts are aimed at transforming client experiences, fostering operational efficiency, and driving overall growth & sustainability.

About First Capital Holdings PLC:

First Capital Holdings PLC is a member of the Janashakthi Group, focused on delivering ‘Performance First’ through its operations as primary dealer, corporate finance advisory, wealth management and stock brokering.

With over four decades of expertise in providing capital market solutions, First Capital Holdings PLC is a listed full-service investment institution in Sri Lanka. First Capital Holdings PLC is rated [SL] A with Stable outlook by LRA.

The Board of Directors of First Capital Holdings PLC comprises of Nishan Fernando (Chairman), Manjula Mathews (Deputy Chairperson), Dilshan Wirasekara (Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer), Ramesh Schaffter, Minette Perera, Chandana de Silva and Nishan de Mel.