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The featured First Capital Funds are Unit Trusts (also called Mutual Funds), which provide a cost-efficient and a practical way to start investing in several types of assets under professional guidance.

First Capital is recognized for superior risk-adjusted performance and emphasis on portfolio manager’s skills, compliance, accountability and risk management. We focus on specific asset classes in which we have deep insight to deliver real value for our clients.

First Capital Unit Trust Funds

Unit buying and selling prices for 28 November 2021

Fund Selling price LKR Buying price LKR
First Capital Wealth Fund (FCWF) 1,053.87 1,053.84
First Capital Gilt Edged Fund (FCGEF) 1,545.27 1,545.27
First Capital Money Market Fund (FCMMF) 2,025.90 2,025.90
First Capital Equity Fund (FCEF) 1,490.95 1,416.40

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First Capital Funds

  • First Capital Wealth Fund (FCWF)
    This is an open-ended fixed income fund that invests in corporate debt and government securities. It is suitable for medium to long term investments for income generation and capital growth. A well-managed fixed-income fund will generate higher returns over the long term than equivalent bank or finance company deposits. First Capital Wealth Fund was the best performing fund in this class in both 2013 and 2014.

Explanatory Memorandum – FCWF

  • First Capital Money Market Fund (FCMMF)
    This is an open-ended fund that invests in corporate debt and government securities which mature within one year. The fund is a good substitute for savings accounts and short term fixed deposits as your investment can be withdrawn at any time.

Explanatory Memorandum – FCMMF 

  • First Capital Gilt-Edged Fund (FCGEF)
    This fund invests exclusively in government securities, which are widely considered as risk-free instruments. Hence, this fund is ideally suited for investors who are averse to taking risks with their investments.

Explanatory Memorandum – FCGEF

  • First Capital Equity Fund (FCEF)
    This fund invests primarily in shares listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Investments in listed shares have higher risks than investments in fixed-income instruments and they can be expected to yield higher returns. They are long-term investments ideally suited for investors having a 05-10 year investment horizon in mind.

Explanatory Memorandum – FCEF

Regulated and Entrusted

Our fund management activities are dully regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) while Bank of Ceylon (BoC) acts as the trustee and custodian for our funds.



FCEF – 30-09-2021 appr

FCGEF – 30-09-2021 appr

FCMMF – 30-09-2021 appr

FCWF – 30-09-2021 appr

August 2021

FCEF – 31-08-2021 Appr

FCMMF – 31-08-2021 appr

FCWF – 31-08-2021 appr

FCGEF – 31-08-2021 appr

July 2021

FCEF – 31-07-2021 appr

FCGEF – 31-07-2021 appr

FCMMF – 31-07-2021 appr

FCWF – 31-07-2021 appr

June 2021

FCGEF – 30-06-2021 appr.

FCEF – 30-06-2021 appr.

FCWF – 30-06-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 30-06-2021 appr.

May 2021

FCEF – 31-05-2021 appr.

FCWF – 31-05-2021 appr.

FCGEF – 31-05-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 31-05-2021 appr.

April 2021

FCWF – 30-04-2021 appr.

FCEF – 30-04-2021 appr.

FCGEF – 30-04-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 30-04-2021 appr.

March 2021

FCWF – 31-03-2021 appr.

FCEF – 31-03-2021 appr.

FCGEF – 31-03-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 31-03-2021 appr.

February 2021

FCWF – 28-02-2021 appr.

FCEF – 28-02-2021 appr.

FCGEF – 28-02-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 28-02-2021 appr.

January  2021

FCWF – 31-01-2021 appr.

FCEF – 31-01-2021 appr.

FCGEF – 31-01-2021 appr.

FCMMF – 31-01-2021 appr.

December 2020

FCWF – 31-12-2020 appr.

FCEF – 31-12-2020 appr.

FCGEF – 31-12-2020 appr.

FCMMF – 31-12-2020 appr.

November 2020

FCWF – 30-11-2020 appr.

FCEF – 30-11-2020 appr.

FCGEF – 30-11-2020 appr.

FCMMF – 30-11-2020 appr.

October 2020

FCGEF – 31-10-2020-appr

FCMMF – 31-10-2020-appr

FCWF – 31-10-2020-appr

FCEF – 31-10-2020-appr

September 2020

FCMMF – 30-09-2020-appr

FCGEF – 30-09-2020-appr

FCEF – 30-09-2020-appr

FCWF – 30-09-2020-appr

August  2020

FCMMF – 31-08-2020-appr

FCGEF – 31-08-2020-appr

FCEF – 31-08-2020-appr

FCWF – 31-08-2020-appr

July 2020

FCMMF – 31-07-2020-appr

FCGEF – 31-07-2020-appr

FCEF – 31-07-2020-appr

FCWF – 31-07-2020-appr

June 2020





May 2020





April 2020





March 2020





February 2020

FCWF – 29-02-2020 appr.




January 2020





December 2019





November 2019





October 2019

FCEF – 31-10-2019 – appr

FCGEF – 31-10-2019- appr

FCMMF – 31-10-2019 appr

FCWF – 31-10-2019 – appr

September 2019

FCEF – 30-09-2019 -appr

FCGEF – 30-09-2019- appr

FCMMF – 30-09-2019 appr

FCWF – 30-09-2019 – appr

Instructions for Digital Account Opening

If you wish to open your investment account digitally, please complete the Account Opening Form and send it along with the following images to

  • Still image of you (please read following guidelines)

Recently taken full-face & shoulder shot squarely facing photo (ideally a Selfi taken from your mobile device). The photo should not be altered and ideally should not contain objects and people in the background. Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear other glasses, but your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflection.

  • Images (photos) of your National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Image (photo) of address verification document (if your permanent address is different from the address mentioned on your NIC. You can send a utility bill within 90 days from your application date.
  • If you are not physically present in Sri Lanka, please send images (photos) of your passport, current VISA with the entry stamp to the country.
  • Image (photo) of your Bank Account book or statement (Bank name, Branch name, and the Account number should be visible)